Hi, I'm Kim!

My background is UI/UX design for e-commerce and healthcare. I also enjoy taking brands to the next level through identity design and photo/video production. Drop me a line: kruelo2@gmail.com

From responsive web to motion design, I solve problems by making simple, beautiful, consistent experiences.

Web & Mobile

Designing a product is not only visual. I place equal importance on creating experiences that are both engaging and intuitive.

I make wireframes, create prototypes, design, and code responsive web sites. I also have experience designing for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.


Sometimes you can't just tell someone about something. They have to feel it.

I tell stories with motion graphics and live action videos to help people see and understand something in a new light.


Integrating photography with design allows me to create fully customized web/mobile experiences. I also use photography for social media/marketing. I shoot events, environments, products, and portraits.

Print & Branding

My speciality is to create brands for new and existing companies. Print and digital are worlds apart, but I always apply fundamental design principles (like balance and typography) no matter what.